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Finding and deciding on the right school for your children can be a daunting task for parents, especially if you happen to just arrive in the city. School is essential to get them settling in, finding friends, and getting comfortable as soon as possible.

With this directory, we try to make that task a little less stressful!

In this site you will find some of the best schools in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. Under the Ministry of Education rules, schools that used to be called “international” now use words like “intercultural” but their standards and facilities are not diminished in any way.

As there are more great choices for schools in all levels than ever before, we try to best present a wide variety of facilities, curricula, and of course, fees. And we also provides information for courses and learning center.

Feel free to study what they have to offer, and contact them directly from our directory page, and take the chance to visit the Gallery to view the schools property before you make a decision. You will be pleasantly surprised at their standards and the pride in what they do.

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