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As a hub of cultural content, Phoenix Communications has published several books of the last decade.

Our Library

Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage

David Metcalf & Stephanie Brookes

Phoenix Communications is the publisher of Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage, a book written by David Metcalf and Stephanie Brookes. They capture the truly fascinating cultures, traditions and ways of life found around the archipelago.

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Myth, Magic and Mystery in Bali

Jean Couteau

Phoenix Communications is the publisher of Myth, Magic, and Mystery in Bali, a book written by Jean Couteau. He unpacks the Balinese way of life: from beliefs, to rituals and everyday living.

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Stephane Sensey

Phoenix Communications is the publisher of Walok, a book written by Stephane Sensey. He captures history in dramatic stills, complemented by short stories and bites of heritage of the Dani tribe in Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya.

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Secret Bali

Jill Gocher

Phoenix Communications is the publisher of Secret Bali, a book written by Jill Gocher. She records Bali’s traditional life that continues behind the buzz of the ever-growing tourist industry with captivating words and images.

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Real Bali

Kartika Dewi Suardana

A charming and colourful guide to Real Bali. This book re-opens the unique cultural attractions of the island, focusing on Bali’s temples, palaces, museums and environment

Dances of Bali

Kartika Dewi Suardana

A vibrant collection of photographs and descriptions of the many dance forms that are found in Bali. Kartika, in this book, has captured what is truly a beautiful art form.

Insider Guide to Jakarta Startups

Dila Karinta & Bettina Herz

A comprenshive guide into Jakarta’s busttling startup world; Dila and Bettina help navigate this business landscape with insights on funding, key players, events, co-working spaces and more.