Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage

Cultural Journeys of Discovery

By David Metcalf & Stephanie Brookes

Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage is a series of highly illustrated travelogues, which appears monthly in NOW! Jakarta magazine, and covers cultural events, unique festivals and remote destinations discovering the very thread of life that weaves its way through this wonderful country by way of dance, music, costume and culture.This includes amazing and unique stories from the Mulang Festival, the Dayak Tribes, Dragon Boat Regattas, the Bulls of Negara to the Nomadic Tribes of Jambi. Each story is told as an eyewitness, often uncovering deeply personal insights, each destination brought to life by brilliant photography, bringing the astonishing beauty and diversity of Indonesia into focus .

Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage

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Publisher’s Note

Across the world’s greatest archipelago lie lands of outstanding beauty, seas of such clarity that can hardly be believed, raging rivers that weave tortuous routes through deep green forests, vast mountains that seem to fill the horizon. It is a place of unique beauty, and one which deserves to be captured by great photography and brought to life by creative description.

But more than that, nestled in valleys, perched on hilltops, straddling streams and paddling in lakes, are people of such cultural diversity that they too need to be gently and carefully recorded on camera and depicted faithfully in words. There are still voyages of discovery to be done, still hidden heritages to be found, and the remarkable team of David Metcalf and Stephanie Brookes set out to discover them, travelling the roads much less travelled.

It has been my pleasure to have their journeys published in NOW! Jakarta magazine every month, and now even more of a pleasure to collect them into this small but beautiful book, full of the lives and cultures they discovered. Congratulations to both the authors for their outstanding work, to David for his brilliant photographs, and to the readers, o hope every page brings you pleasure, and encourages the world to appreciate the extraordinary culture of Indonesia, and preserve it for all time.

Alistair Speirs, OBE - Publisher


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ISBN: 978-602-97971-5-2
Size: 21cm (W) x 23cm (H)Softcover
Pages: 124 pages including Cover in English
Shipping Weight: 1 kg
Year: 2014
Published: Phoenix Communications Publishers
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